One of the most exciting and innovative World Vasectomy Day 2019 activities was a compelling alliance with Colombia’s Ministry of Defense and their Military, including the National Army, the National Police, the Navy and the Air Force. Working with Profamilia, we work to promote sexual and reproductive health amongst members of Colombia’s security services. It is WVD’s first such relationship with any country’s military and a chance to prove without a doubt that getting a vasectomy does not make you ‘less of a man’.


Among the activities include visits with the van-sectomy and the virtual vasectomy clinic to the North Canton, Tolemaida and Facatativá Barracks, where hundreds of men are able to get answers to questions about vasectomy. 


Then, from November 19 and 20, our three visiting international urologists, Dr. Sajel, Dr. Stein and Dr. Viladoms, offer free services to 60 soldiers in Medellin and Bogota.  

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