WVD Sexual and Reproductive Health Symposium

Our annual WVD Symposium includes presentations by global  leaders in  sexuual and reproductive health and is an opportunity to share updates on the progress of male engagement in family planning. The 2021 event is set for November 17th  2020 Schedule

WVD 24 Hour Global Conversation

Starting at 5:00 p.m. on  Thursday evening and continuing through to Friday at 5 p.m.  we launch a 24 hour conversation with hundreds of participants throughout the world.  In 2021, the date is November 18-19. Our objective is to share stories, meet providers,  visit with men and women who are choosing vasectomies, exchange ideas with [...]

WVD Vasectomy-athon

November is WVD month and we work with our partners and providers throughout the world to encourage men - and their partners - whose families are complete to consider a vasectomy. The actual shared global celebration takes place on the Friday before the Thanksgiving Day weekend (usually the 3rd Friday of the month).  The 2021 [...]

Women’s Rights

If the goal of WVD is to focus on empowering positive masculinity, the objective is to inspire men to be activists for women’s causes. Whether its lending our voices to the fight against domestic violence, assuring that women have access to the latest in family planning or that they are supported in the pursuit of [...]

Vasectomy in the Time of Covid

These extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures so while we believe that family planning, including a vasectomy, is an essential service, we also recognize that every doctor, clinic and health care provider must protect themselves, their staff and of course, each and every one of you. Be it arriving with a mask (and keeping it on […]

Letter to Men

Dear Men, While a vasectomy is certainly less painful, less invasive, less costly and less time consuming than what women must experience, making this decision is no small matter.  Regardless, of your decision, congratulations on your courage to explore this option. Number one, although there is the option of a reversal, there is no guarantee that [...]

WVD Vasectomy Provider Summit

On Saturday, November 14, 2020, we launched our first WVD Provider summit, with over 100 participating providers from 23 countries. During the 3 hour event, we discussed cutting edge issues, including both technical and ethical. We also announce 3 of our WVD annual awards.  Our second annual Summit is scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021 [...]

WVD Academy

As WVD grows, we are continuously developing new ideas to better address the needs of our providers and our partners.  The Academy, set to launch a phase one in 2021, will combine virtual and in person training for doctors and partnering organizations throughout the world, including Ministries of Health. Eventually, it will include direct service […]

WVD Lecture Series

Building on the success of the Summit, we will be offering a quarterly lecture series. Scheduled dates for the 2021 are March 20, June 12 and September 18. These are hour long lectures. The fourth one, November 13, will be the actual 3 hour WVD Summit. We are collaborating with Universite Laval in Quebec to [...]

WVD International Women’s Day Event, March 6

On March 6, 2021 from 9-10:30 a.m. (EST), we invite you to join World Vasectomy Day via Zoom as we celebrate our second annual WVD International Women’s Day event. This year, we will be honoring all the women who provide and promote vasectomies. (This event will be simultaneously translated into Spanish).  Join Zoom Meeting Topics [...]