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Father’s Day, 2023

In 2012, filmmaker Jonathan Stack and Dr. Doug Stein co-founded World Vasectomy Day.  On October…

Vasectomists of the World, Unite!

By Guy Shepard I look forward to speaking to you all on World Vasectomy Day!   …

WVD’s First Valentine’s Day

By Jonathan Stack As it happens, Valentine’s Day comes 3 months after WVD (usually mid…

It’s time to put those balls on the line

By Sarah Miller "The goal: to provide excellent, safe, and dignified reproductive healthcare." I chose…

Getting to know Silvana!

In 2012, we set out to create a movement grounded in kindness and compassion, and…

WVD Seeks Common Ground!

By Jonathan Stack Jonathan Stack is co-founder of World Vasectomy Day and an Emmy Award-winning…

Alliance with the Ministry of Defense and with the Colombian Military Forces

One of the most exciting and innovative World Vasectomy Day 2019 activities was a compelling…

Long Live World Vasectomy Day!

By: Kenny Bruno Hm, let’s see now.  A couple of days of discomfort versus a…

I love France.. But not their Vasectomy Laws

By Jonathan Stack I love France. It’s beautiful. The wine is spectacular, the food is…

World Vasectomy Day: The birth of a movement

Jonathan Stack, Co Founder of World Vasectomy Day 2 times Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and…

Lessons Learned

LESSONS LEARNED 1 In every country, in every county and every community, there is a…

World Vasectomy Day travels to Colombia!

2019 has arrived and preparations are well under way for what will be our largest…

WVD Semi-Annual Report

2018 has marked itself as a notably active and global year. This sixth iteration of…

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