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We ask men whose families are complete to consider vasectomy as a family planning option.  We ask their families and partners to participate and support this tough decision. We ask the doctors and vasectomy providers to pursue excellence.  We ask organizations and foundations to back our cause and help us reach our potential. We ask governments to trust our mission. We ask everyone to trust us.

We want to make sure everyone feels equally confident in us so in that spirit, WVD is setting a policy of transparency when it comes to how we spend our money, your money and our time.

In that same spirit of transparency, we’re happy to share our overall budget.  Until now, most of our work is done voluntarily and/or for little money. It is the nature of a ‘start up’.  In any case, although, I promise to continue to be frugal and smart about spending, have a responsibility to pay the people who work for us fairly. I take that very seriously because I certainly demand that they work very hard, regardless of how much they are paid. So yes, salaries will go up as we grow, but I hope and trust you’ll see that your investment in our dream will be well rewarded in the ways that matter most.

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