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We inspire men to share responsibility as an act of love for their partner, their children and our future

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If you decide to donate using a US bank check, please make it payable to World Vasectomy Day, Inc. and mail it to World Vasectomy Day, Inc.; 1013 Cove St, SE Bondurant, IA, 50035. On the memo line, you may add a directive such as “General Fund” or the one you choose etc.

We have helped over 100,000 families choose the number of children they want and inspired to rise up out of love to share responsibility for family planning

  • We have helped Ministries of Health double and even trip their numbers of vasectomies
  • We have produced hundreds of films that educate the public and increase demand participation
  • We have trained hundreds of doctors in best practices
  • We have reminded people that men have a role to play

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