Vasectomists of the World, Unite!

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By Guy Shepard

I look forward to speaking to you all on World Vasectomy Day!   

I am honored that Dr. Stein is assembling this panel. Thanks for remaining intellectually curious.  To say the least, Dr. Stein found the reasons behind my getting a vasectomy “out there.” I’m sure that World Vasectomy Day—its chosen means and mission—encountered more than a few raised eyebrows.   

This Two-Step, Freezer-First Vasectomy idea of mine is a cornerstone feature and concern of Planned Mana men’s magazinethat I founded with my 25-old-son Ryan. I am sad to say, Ryan has yet to take the two steps for himself. I may have made a mistake by having him record my procedure at the foot of Dr. Stein’s operating table. I went through it without pain, as he saw—and yet, I think it gave him some emotional scars.   

By way of introduction and full disclosure: Guy Shepherd is not an MD but a PhD in political science, with a career in think tanks and media. Here is my odd bio.  

Here is a link to all my writing on the subject. In these writings, I have tried my best to ask and answer the most common questions and concerns—both my own and from those whom I hope to persuade.   

My men-centric pitch for this procedure. (As you will notice, with all my writing, I keep women—their concerns, the power of network, and their capacity to help—in the conversation)  

My Post Roe Pitch.   

And rather than hide from the ethical arguments against what I am proposing, I have addressed the claims of the Religion—which still has influence over reproductive choices.  

Here is an attempt at doing cost-and-outcome comparisons with the pill.  Spoiler: it’s better than the pill on price and health outcomes.    

Here is what I have said about harvesting and freezing at scale. Note: I would not have recommended this idea unless there were established cryogenic players in the market prepared for taking this to scale. As you will see, I have done some research on the cost of taking a man’s frozen best self out of the freezer and putting it into the hands of a professional whose skill is making introductions with a hope of conception. My knowledge post freezer is limited what makes our panel so interesting and important.  

Lastly, I am sure that I have given passing advice to your profession somewhere in the mix, but I can’t presently find it, and I’m late in giving this to Jonathan Stack.   

I’d like you to come to our fast-approaching conversation after having thought about the following: the future of the Second Sexual Revolution—one that offers a win for all—is in your profession’s hands.   

The book that guides your thinking on vasectomies—and particular with regards to advising the young—is presently closed to this two-step idea of mine. I get it. Even with the option of reversal, the procedure ought to be seen as permanent.   

Let’s gather on World Vasectomy Day to think about a new “what if.”  

What if, instead of counseling a young man who is asking for a vasectomy by doing your Hippocratic best to dissuade him, you educated him on a market-based solution that shows a better way—and one that meets your profession’s standard of care and his best, long-term interests?   

As you are witnessing in your own practice, volume is increasing.   

After Roe v. Wade, young women, whose power over men is profound, are calling for men in general—and their own men, in particular—to get vasectomies.   

Granted, their medical reasoning is not the best. In their defense, they are mad as hell, and they have not done the required homework. They are calling for young men to get a vasectomy and reverse it when the time is right.  

This is where I started, until I did my homework, which led me to a better way.   

This two-step of mine—which I hope you will make your own—outside of being good for men, women, and society, carries the promise, when brought to scale, of elevating your profession. Taking it from a backwater, midlife concern to being an equal, leading partner in reproductive health. And as the profession rises in prominence, it will lift the cause of men’s health generally.   

Vasectomists of the world: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocking at your profession’s door. Answer it!   


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