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Meet the Doctor Performing Free Van Vasectomies to “Close the Contraception Gap”

The numbers just make sense, says Dr. Esgar Guarín: “Men are the ones who are fertile every day from the moment they hit puberty until they die.”

Jan 19 / 2023

How Dobbs Triggered a ‘Vasectomy Revolution’

The Supreme Court ruling made men more interested in how they can prevent unwanted pregnancies. That’s where ‘the Nutcracker’ comes in.

Dec 12 / 2022

Vasectomy clinic goes mobile as demand spikes following Roe decision

Mobile vasectomy clinic moves in response to increased demand.

Nov 8 / 2022

Nineteen patients receive free vasectomies at Springfield Planned Parenthood on Friday

Dr. Esgar Guarin and Dr. Margaret Baum performed 19 free vasectomies at Springfield Planned Parenthood for patients without insurance to celebrate World Vasectomy Day.

Nov 7 / 2022

Man ‘takes one for the team’ at mobile vasectomy clinic

– Dr. Esgar Guarin of Des Moines drives his mobile clinic through Iowa

Four months after end of Roe: Mobile clinics, radio ads for home abortions and free vasectomies

A urologist from Iowa, Dr. Esgar Guarin, brought the trailer to Missouri to partner with Planned Parenthood in providing vasectomies for free to men without health insurance across Missouri as part of World Vasectomy Day.

Nov 4 / 2022

Men across America are getting vesectomies

– ‘As an
act of love’

CBS Morning News 

– Features Doug Stein, the reporters do great banter after interviewing Doug. Very positive piece.

Radio Interview on “Here and Now” with Scott Tong on NPR News

– This is an audio show. Doug Stein gives a great interview. 

How Dr. Snip Became Seattle’s Unofficial Vasectomy King”

The Dr. Snip name has become as synonymous with a Seattle vasectomy as, say, Dick’s is with late-night stoner food.

Sep 13 / 2021

Video News story in the Washington Post 

– Features Doug Stein

The Daily Show “Vasectomies in A Post Roe v Wade World”

– This is an interview with Dr. Guarin. 

NBC News Story

– About increases in Vasectomies after fall of Roe v. Wade Dr. Doug Stein

Article in the Atlantic about “Vasectomy Influencers”

– Dr. Doug Stein, Dr. Sarah Miller, Dr. Esgar Guarin

Print story in the Tampa Bay Timesews Story

Article in Washington Post called Debunking Myths about Vasectomies

Article in Washington Post

About men across America getting vasectomies. Features Dr. Guarin, Stein, Miller and Jonathan Stack.

Comedian Rob Delaney describes his vasectomy

More painful than most, but overall a positive story. 

Article in The Guardian

Encouraging men to step up to the plate for their female partners.

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