Life Time Achievement

2016 – India, Dr. Ramchandra Kaza

Dr. Ramchandra Kaza is the father of no scalpel vasectomy in India. He was a successful surgeon in 1992 when he learned the no-scalpel technique, and recognized that the value of this minor surgery to family planning was a needed, effective, and underutilized method of permanent contraception that had to be promoted in India. With government approval but no funding, and giving up his surgical practice, he set out to train doctors in 440 of India’s 600 districts, using his own funds until the government of India finally recognized the great value of his work to the nation. India now celebrates World Vasectomy Day for an entire month each year, largely due to the dedication of Dr. Kaza. Thank you, Dr. Kaza, for the lifetime of sacrifice and dedication to a noble and worthwhile educational effort on behalf of your country and all the others you have inspired. 

2017 – Philippines/United States, Dr. Ramon Suarez

Finally, this year we also have a special lifetime award for another doctor who has spent his career promoting vasectomy as a responsible choice for men. Dr. Ramon Suarez, originally from the Philippines and now residing in Florida, started the organization No Scalpel Vasectomy International. With Doug, Ramon has been an ambassador for vasectomy around the world, performing thousands of vasectomies in Haiti, Kenya, Philippines, and many other places. It’s our pleasure to recognize and thank Ramon for his lifetime of promoting, educating, and demystifying the procedure for thousands of families worldwide. It’s a true honor to be able to acknowledge Dr. Suarez for his endless efforts on behalf of both NSVI and World Vasectomy Day, and to thank him in person on this, our fifth anniversary!

2019 – Canada, Dr. Michel Labrecque

For hundreds of healthcare professionals globally, Dr Labrecque symbolizes dedication, commitment, mentorship, and innovation in the field of men’s sexual and reproductive health. For WVD, in addition to his professional career, Dr. Labrecque is an ally, a friend, and a creative and caring colleague who is always ready to change the world one vasectomy at a time. With this award, we recognize his contributions to male contraception through research, innovation and excellence, and his ongoing commitment to promoting vasectomy best practices around the world.

2020 - Canada, Dr. Ron Weiss

WVD Award Lifetime Achievement Award

2020 -Australia, Dr. Nick Demediuk

WVD Award Vasectomy Pioneer for Courage and Conviction