World Vasectomy Day offers the Elliot-Smith Award to a country and program that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to building a sustainable and scalable sexual and reproductive health program for men, including vasectomy.

With the award comes a year-long commitment to provide support for the winning program and organization, including site visits, webinars and direct program assistance. The award consists of a combination of cash, technical support, medical training, supplies, research and demand generation programs valued in excess of $10,000.00. The award is named in honor of Dr. Arthur Elliot-Smith, renowned urologist and surgeon and one of the early advocates for Vasectomy in the UK.

Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1901, he trained in Clare College, Cambridge, University College Hospital and the Royal Post-Graduate Hospital, London. Then in 1939, Dr. Elliot-Smith was appointed Consultant Surgeon to the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. A renowned surgeon, a highly respected teacher and a modest man with a constant air of serenity, he left behind a legacy of excellence in care for others to follow.

A fearless advocate for vasectomy, Dr. Elliot-Smith helped launch the Simon Trust Vasectomy Clinic in 1970. Despite prevailing doubts about male sterilization, during their first two years, the clinic was responsible for over 2,000 out-patient vasectomies.  A man committed to caring for the planet, Dr. Elliot-Smith felt that a vasectomy was a man’s greatest gift to family and the environment. After his death, the health institution he had helped build was renamed the Elliot-Smith Clinic and by 2014, 40,000+ surgeries had been performed, all under local anaesthesia.

To honor his exceptional commitment to our field, World Vasectomy Day is proud to announce the Arthur Elliot-Smith Award for Excellence in Developing a Sustainable Vasectomy Program.