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Dear Men,

While a vasectomy is certainly less painful, less invasive, less costly and less time consuming than what women must experience, making this decision is no small matter.  Regardless, of your decision, congratulations on your courage to explore this option.

Number one, although there is the option of a reversal, there is no guarantee that the procedure will succeed. Also, keep in mind it’s much more expensive and rarely, if ever, covered by insurance. You’ll pay the fee whether it works or not.  So please, DO NOT think of a vasectomy as a temporary form of birth control and by all means, don’t get one unless you are certain you don’t want to make more babies.

Secondly, before you make a final decision, we recommend talking with trusted friends and family, as well as with your wife or partner, if you have one.  Whenever possible, it’s also a good idea to hear from men who have already had their vasectomy.  In our website, we offer you the chance to hear from men, but where possible speak with people you know.

Thirdly, we don’t judge what is the right age or the right number of children anyone should have before considering a vasectomy, but if you d0 decide at a very young age and/or you don’t have children at present, you might consider freezing some of your sperm if that option is available.

Fourth, while getting a vasectomy may be exactly what a young person is certain he wants for himself, it might not be what a physician feels comfortable doing. This decision is not necessarily a moral judgment, just a reflection on what a physician believes is in the best interest of that patient.  WVD does not question a doctor’s decision about who he or she believes is ready for a vasectomy. That’s something each provider must decide on their own with their patient.

Fifth, although the vast majority of men who get their vasectomies are satisfied with the procedure and most of their female partners are grateful to no longer have to worry about pregnancy, there is a small percentage who have regrets.  This may be due to changes in their lives or in their family, or complications, including long-term pain.

Serious complications occur in only 1-2% of cases but if you suffer long term effects, your pain is not a statistical anomaly, but a very serious issue. Keep in mind, if you do happen to be among the unfortunate few, there are options.  We suggest you begin by talking with your physician.  

It’s worth noting that any medical procedure carries risk. Is it worth taking the risk for what is a voluntary procedure?  You have to decide but keep in mind that by avoiding risk, you’re not eliminating possible negatives consequences, you’re just putting the entire burden of risk on women.

Sixth, here’s another reality check – if you or your partner is non monogamous, you need to use a condom. A vasectomy does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. 

Seventh, you have to continue to use contraception for about 3 months and 20 to 30 ejaculations, after the procedure so as to be as close to 100% certain as is possible that you are ‘good to go’.  After three months,  it is highly advisable that you get your sperm checked by your physician to make sure there are no lingerers. 

Eighth, and for many, most importantly, getting a vasectomy should not have an inverse effect on your capacity to give or get pleasure. In fact, more men than not state that eliminating fear of pregnancy actually makes their sex life better!  

Ninth, although we are pleased to share contact information to help you find a vasectomy provider near you, we do not officially endorse any given provider. It is both your right and your responsibility to choose the doctor who is best for you. To that end, we have provided you a list of FAQs.  Consider them all, and read the answers, but still ask your doctor for confirmation.

Tenth, a vasectomy may not be right for you, but for men who are certain they don’t want more children, it’s the most secure option available and certainly worth considering.

Remember, at the end of the day, a vasectomy is male choice so make the choice that’s right for you and your loved ones.


Jonathan Stack, Co Founder

PS If after your vasectomy you choose to join our movement and transform from an a vasectomy patient into WVD Champion…click here!


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