WVD Academy

As WVD grows, we are continuously developing new ideas to better address the needs of our providers and our partners.  The Academy, set to launch a phase one in 2021, will combine virtual and in person training for doctors and partnering organizations throughout the world, including Ministries of Health. Eventually, it will include direct service provision, advocate for universally accepted standards and best practices, developing demand generation and communication campaigns and strategies, collaborate with local, national and international partners to support advocacy, and research. 


For phase one, our focus is on provider training:


  1. A quarterly lectures series.  In partnership with Universite Laval, we are issuing CME credits.
  2. Our Annual half day WVD Summit :
    WVD Vasectomy Provider Summit
    On Saturday, November 14, 2020, we launched our first WVD Provider summit, with over 100 participating providers from 23 countries.  During the 3 hour event, we discussed cutting edge issues, including both technical and ethical.
    Our second annual Summit is scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021 from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. (est).  Anyone can join
  3. A full course (offered online) for learning the basics of vasectomy, including matters of technical, ethical and practical concern.
    In 2021, we are committed to produce our first  on line course for interested doctors, vasectomy providers, organizations and MoH.  The course will cover basics in vasectomy, including:
    . What is a Vasectomy.
    . Basic counseling tips.
    .  Basic supplies needed and where can they be acquired for a well run clinic.
    . The most frequent ethical challenges.
    . Managing post Vasectomy Pain.
    . Increasing demand for a successful clinic.
  4. A Vasectomy Provider Directory to help inquiring patients find a skill provider.
  5. Continue to organize vasectomy missions to interested parties around the world.
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