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World Vasectomy Day’s Mother Earth to Motherhood Road Trip through America’s Heartland

WVD is breaking the mould with an exciting road trip through the heartland of America in Dr. Esgar Guarin and Yiya Cuberos’ mobile vasectomy clinic. Departing on Earth Day (April 22), we are travelling 1500 miles in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.  During the journey we will be making the case for a kinder and more compassionate masculinity expressed through concern for our planet and care for the women and children who bring love and joy into our lives.

Theirs is the first itinerant reproductive health clinic on wheels and the only Mobile Vasectomy Clinic in the United States. The vehicle allows Dr. G to complete fast, effective, and stress-free vasectomies in a proper medical environment while travelling from state to state.

In the past five years, Dr. Guarin, born in Colombia, and now based with his family in Iowa, has emerged as an extraordinary advocate for quality and affordable care. His work as a doctor and an educator is exceptional and his concern for his clients and our planet is extraordinary.

By aligning the values of sustainability and respect for our planet with conscientious reproductive health choices, our objective is to leave a legacy of hope and possibility for future generations.  And at a time in US history when political discourse – especially regarding reproductive rights – is dividing the nation, this trip is a chance for us to highlight a common purpose.

We don’t necessarily agree on how to get there or what that even looks like, but men who choose a vasectomy overwhelmingly state that they chose this option out of love for their partner, their family, their community and our planet.  That is something at WVD we believe is worth celebrating.

Please follow us on social media and feel free to join our live stream events that will be taking place throughout the trip.

May 6, 2024 in March-April 2024, Newsletter


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May 6, 2024 in March-April 2024, Newsletter

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