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There are many ways and many opportunities to join a mission. 

First off sign up if you’re interested.

What WVD commits to:

  1. Working with a local provider or institution or clinic to assure that all permissions are granted. This usually requires submitting proof of competence, including medical licenses.
  2. Building sufficient demand to assure a successful mission. Based on years of experience we try to generate 25 cases per trainee and at least 2 or 3 days of training, including some time spent in ‘classrooms’.
  3. As well, there are often press conferences and educational opportunities that help inform the public and inspire future generations of practitioners.

One thing we want to emphasize, these trips are not to hone up on your skills.  We are very conscientious that we do not bring inexperienced practitioners to learn how to do vasectomies on men in other countries. This is to help leave behind viable vasectomy programs in places where this is needed.

While we always try to collaborate with NSVI, they organize separate missions and as such are an important source of information for a potential trip.  To learn more about NSVI, contact them here.

Thanks to our donors!

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