World Vasectomy Day
Comes to Zambia!

Seeking 100 men to get a FREE vasectomy This coming March 6-11

What is a Vasectomy?

A permanent form of family planning for men that takes under 20 minutes, creates almost no pain and takes just a few days to recover.  

Time for your vasectomy?

The workshop will be led by Dr. Michel Labrecque (Canada) and Dr. John Curington (USA), two of the most experienced vasectomy providers in the world.
When your family is complete get a vasectomy

Do you want to offer the children you have the highest quality life possible?

Are you a kind and compassionate partner who honors your wife?

A vasectomy is an act of love for yourself, your family and your wife

Vasectomies are free of charge at the Marie Stopes Clinic
at Plot 120 Kudu Road, Kabulonga 10101

Partnering with Marie Stopes Zambia, Planned Parenthood Zambia and the Zambia Men’s Network for Gender and Development and the support of the country’s Ministry of Health, the campaign will provide free services to the first 100 men of conscience, while training five Zambia providers to continue to serve your nation.

For all men getting a vasectomy there will also be free check ups, including for blood pressure, diabetes and prostate cancer.

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