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Clinic in Zambia

Clinic in Zambia

Clinic in Zambia

Clinic in Zambia

Clinic in Zambia

Clinic in Zambia

Langiza Chikondi Clinic

with the launch of the first WVD Clinic in Zambia, we believe  that the ‘Langiza Chikondi Clinic’ will be a safe space where men will engage not only with our team but with one one another on various issues surrounding men’s sexual and reproductive health,mental health, gender-based violence, and financial literacy  among others, with the aim not only to become more responsible men, but also champion the cause to encourage other men to follow suit.

In addition to offering health services, the Clinic serves as a hub where we host  webinars, youth lndabas, lnsaka, and podcasts among other activities.

The clinic plays a huge role in achieving our vision of encouraging men to take more responsibility for family health and giving them  access to sexual and reproductive healthcare while  building a society where every man has access to comprehensive sexual health education, support and resources, leading to healthier, happier lives.

WVD hosts a student webinar in Zambia

To encourage women and medical students’ involvement in family health conversations, we  hosted an online webinar on March 9th, 2024.

Dubbed, ‘Deciding to have a vasectomy and the crucial role of women in reproductive health’, the online webinar kicked off with interactive presentations from different countries and  was then followed by an amazing interactive session where real couples shared their experience before and after getting a vasectomy.

We wrapped up the webinar with a very interactive and informative Q&A session.

WVD creates a men’s platform dubbed “Insaka”

An “lnsaka” is a men’s space with a free free-flowing, interactive, educative series of discussions around men’s health, sexual reproductive health, gender-based violence, financial literacy, and family health. Its aim is to increase the conversations around family health so that men eventually are inspired to take up the lead role.

On the 14th and 15th of  March 2024, WVD Zambia hosted an “lnsaka”  that brought together over 50 men from various parts of Lusaka with an aim to engage them to get involved in the conversation on family health and take the leading role as men. This turned out to be extremely impactful as men escalated the conversation to discuss various topics such as: mental health, gender-based violence, and financial literacy among other topics.

The platform was proof that WVD is a safe space for men to converse freely. This was evident by the intensive interactions that encouraged the men to open up more than they would in a different setting. This was confirmed by the fact that the conversation extended to the following day with men inviting other men to join and be part of the now growing conversation, which grew from 3 communities to 6. The two insakas proved to be successful beyond expectation. Our CBM’s increased from 7 to 35 immediately after the insaka. And as mentioned, our community reach increased from 3 communities to 6 as we commence building this movement.

WVD Commemorates the world earth day in Zambia

WVD, with its initiative of  the Responsible Men’s Club believes men can be part of a world where environmental consciousness is paramount.

In Commemoration of World Earth Day, a cleanup exercise was conducted which ran from the Great East Road to Kulima Tower Bus Station in the Central Business District of Lusaka in Zambia.  Over 50 vasectomy champions participated in the clean up exercise which targeted the roads, sidewalks and bus stops.

The cleanup exercise proved to be a success as we created a relationship with management at Kulima Tower Bus Station. By the end of the Clean Up, the station management and drivers expressed interest in hosting us for a weekly session with over 5,000 bus drivers.

The bus drivers, commuters, shop owners, vendors, the Kulima Tower Bus Station management and the general citizenry appreciated the gesture by WVD Zambia.

WVD men are stepping up to champion change. As we commemorated World Earth Day, we  recognized the pivotal role men play in global cleanup efforts.

Champions rolled up their sleeves to tackle environmental challenges head-on, but it’s not just about the big events. These individual actions may seem insignificant, but collectively, they have the power to affect meaningful change.

Beyond cleanup efforts, men are also championing diversity and inclusion in the environmental movement, ensuring that voices from all walks of life are heard and represented. Together, we can build a cleaner, greener future for our planet—one cleanup at a time.

May 6, 2024 in March-April 2024, Newsletter


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May 6, 2024 in March-April 2024, Newsletter

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