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From Mother Earth to Motherhood: The 2024 Heartland of America Vasectomy Roadtrip

Join the Revolution on Wheels

Secure Your Spot on Our Mobile Vasectomy Clinic Tour throughout Iowa and Missouri, April 22 – May 8!

Des Moines | Sioux city | Waterloo | Dubuque | Cedar Rapids |  St. Louis | Rolla | Springfield |Kansas City

In partnership with SimpleVas Vasectomy Clinic, the campaign will provide vasectomies to 100 men at the mobile clinic in exchange for a $99 donation to spread the word on male contraceptive participation.

The tour takes place in the heart of America, in the central regions of the United States, which are known for their traditional values and rich culture. The ‘Vasectomy Road Trip’ is an advocacy project, which aims to increase awareness about family planning options, with an emphasis on vasectomies.

What is it?

This is the first Mobile Vasectomy Clinic in the United States. The first itinerant reproductive health clinic on wheels is right here in Iowa. This novel idea has been launched in partnership with World Vasectomy Day (WVD) to promote vasectomies on the road.

This is a medicalized vehicle that allows Dr. G to complete fast, effective, and stress-free vasectomies in a proper medical environment while traveling anywhere throughout the state. It has been equipped with what any medical office requires for the performance of simple office medical procedures.

This is how we live it

Dr. Esgar Guarin will perform vasectomies on interested men, and the filmmaker Jonathan Stack will talk with them and explore their attitudes, knowledge, and practices to capture these learnings and experiences in a documentary that will inspire other men, women, and leaders to support vasectomy as a powerful act of love for fellow humans and the planet.

What is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a method of male permanent contraception. It is a surgical procedure that involves cutting and blocking the vas deferens, interrupting the transport of sperm from the testicles. It is performed under local anesthesia in the doctor’s office, and it takes approximately 10 minutes to perform.

The doctor will provide you with the benefit of the no-needle anesthesia technique. This innovative technique, which uses a high-pressure spray injector, takes away the pain and anxiety associated with the use of a needle. Your vasectomy will be virtually painless. Most men believe that “it’s worse going to the dentist!”

During a vasectomy, the each vas deferens is taken out of the scrotum (that is, the sheath that contains the testicles), blocked and cut, and then placed back in; preventing the passage of sperm. This does not prevent ejaculation. In fact, sperm only represent an average of 2 to 3% of the ejaculate. It is the seminal vesicles located above the prostate, therefore higher than the vasectomy site, that produce most of the ejaculated fluid. Sperm production by the testicles continues after vasectomy. There is a balance between the cells produced and the cells that die, the latter being reabsorbed by the body.


A vasectomy is an act of love for yourself, your family, and your partner

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