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The story of World Vasectomy Day is being written by vasectomy providers the world over

US Vasectomy Facts

For the past 20 years the number of Vasectomies done in the United States has remained at a constant, 500,000 annually, despite increasing the overall population by 50 million citizens. Today, approximately 700,000 tubal ligations, or female sterilizations, are performed each year, 200,000 more than vasectomies. This, despite the fact that a vasectomy is significantly less invasive, less painful and less costly.  To put in perspective, in Canada upwards of 25% of the targeted population chooses a vasectomy. In the US, the number hovers around 10%.

Since the pill became available in the early 1960s, there have been more than 20 new options for women. For men, there are only condoms (in existence for thousands of years), vasectomy (first tried on men in the late 1800s and abstinence. Condoms, although if used properly can be quite effective are not, are primarily recommended to avoid Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Unfortunately, considered 18 out of 100 couples who use condoms as their primary form of protection, end up pregnant within a year. Vasectomies are only relevant to men whose family is complete (average age in their late 30s) and abstinence is not realistic.

Promoting male participation in reproductive health care is essential in achieving reproductive equity and equality and the main objective of World Vasectomy Day.

While most urologists are able to do vasectomies, and might include the service as part of their practice, few are passionate advocates. In the US, educating and training  primary care physicians about vasectomy is crucial to increase its popularity. To that end the The US Vasectomy Tour is stopping at medical schools along the way.


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