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What is it?

Mobile Vasectomy Clinic

The first and only Mobile Vasectomy Clinic (MVC) in the United States. This is the first itinerant reproductive health clinic, launched in partnership between World Vasectomy Day (WVD) and SimpleVas® Vasectomy Clinic, to promote male reproductive health participation.

While WVD educates and informs men and women about the option of vasectomy and offers multiple options to help people choose the best provider for themselves, Dr. G provides answers to questions about a procedure for which he is profoundly passionate.

To date, the MVC has traveled throughout the state of Iowa which is home to Dr. G. His medicalized vehicle allows the completion of fast, effective, and stress-free procedures in a proper medical environment; while serving as a testimony to the simplicity and mobility of vasectomies.

The 24 ft long x 8.5 ft wide medical mobile unit is comprised of:

A reception area
A restroom restroom
A procedure Room


The use and effective application of medical vehicles for the provision and promotion of health services to reach distant communities, has been well documented. World Vasectomy Day has worked with other mobile units in Indonesia and Mexico, in 2015 and 2017, where vasectomies were efficiently and adequately provided to interested men. 

Those previous experiences sparked a joint interest between a local vasectomy clinic in Iowa and World Vasectomy Day, to launch a medical vehicle to increase the visibility and awareness of vasectomies; while promoting engaged male participation in reproductive decisions. 


Now, you know when and where the Vasectomy Tour Clinic will pass near to you. So, sign up in this form and you will get more information about the procedure.

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