Welcome to WVD's 3rd Annual Provider Summit

12th November, 2022

09:00 a.m (EST Time)

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Medical Expertise

Certified by Laval University

This year's summit brings together an exciting and diverse program. From tips on how to build a successful vasectomy practice to a presentation about occlusion, from a review of 10 years of WVD to a special lecture by Gabrielle Blair, author of the New York Times best selling book, EJACULATE RESPONSIBLY.

For too long the issue of abortion has been restricted to women when in fact, it’s men who are the primary cause of unintended pregnancies. To address this quandary, we bring you a lecture with Gabrielle Blair, NY Times bestselling author of EJACULATE RESPONSIBLY:  A WHOLE NEW WAY TO THINK ABOUT ABORTION.

Ms. Blair’s these goes like this: The current abortion debate is unproductive. It’s time to lift the burden and responsibility of an unwanted pregnancy — the reason for 99 percent of abortions —away from women and demand that men become active participants in preventing pregnancy. It’s time to examine the logic behind focusing on—and controlling—the bodies of the people who are fertile for 24 hours a month (women) instead of the people who are fertile 24 hours a day, every day: men.

Her solution? Proper and consistent ise of condoms and … vasectomies!

You can view and share the oficial flyer of the event that is available in different languages and includes bios, objectives of the webinar and registration link.

You can view a part of our third Third Lecture Series:  Managing Technically Difficult Vasectomie, which was presented on September 24
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 This is the recording of the our Second Lecture Series on Fascial Interposition. 
Webinar June 18th
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The session had a Question and Answer section, here you can see it directly.
Here is a recording of the March 5th, 2022, ‘Women and Vasectomy’ webinar in honor of International Women’s Day.