WVD Embarks on a Journey to
Getting To Equal
In Bolivia for 2023

Our central mission is to ignite the spirit of equality within
men, encouraging them to stand as true partners in the
creation of families

Discover how we plan to achieve this objective through the activities described below

While most of the programming is taking place in the host nation Bolivia, in anticipation of our commitment to bring our headquarters to Zambia in 2024, we are developing parallel events in Lusaka and Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

In addition, WVD is launching its WVD Academy and will be producing a basic course in vasectomy services that will be available on our soon to be released educational platform.

What We Want To Achieve Together



Vasectomies in Bolivia



Vasectomies in Zambia



Students & medical staff





Basic Course in Vasectomy for University Medical Students

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Presented by Dr. Esgar Guarin, Dr. John Curington and Dr. Michel Labrecque in Spanish for 100 medical students at the Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, Bolivia’s leading public university. The program will be live-streamed via Zoom to universities and collaborating organizations throughout Latin America.

4th Annual WVD Summit for Vasectomy Providers and Medical Students

Virtual event covering technical and ethical issues regarding vasectomy provision by leading experts in the field. Attracts up to 400 doctors and medical students from over 40 countries and has multiple objectives including; acknowledgement of the contributions of doctors, communication specialists and life time contributors with the annual WVD Awards..


Vasectomy Training Program

5 Days of hands-on Vasectomy training for 6 Ministry of Health Doctors (4 general practitioners and 2 urologists) from Santa Cruz. It is the largest training program WVD has ever offered and brings together our most experienced and dedicated trainers.

Vasectomy Class For Urologists

90 minutes program for the urologists in Santa Cruz to introduce the basics of vasectomy reversals, as well as a refresher course on the no-scalpel vasectomy technique led by Dr. Doug Stein and Dr. Michel Labrecque.

WVD 24 Hour Global Celebration

Start 16th at
06 p.m.

to 17th at
06 p.m.

Where: Facebook Live. Each year WVD launches its 24 hour event.

Who: We connect with partners and ‘co-hosts’ in 15-20 countries.

It’s a chance to check in, celebrate and inspire our partners throughout the world.



Symposium on New Masculinities, Men’s Reproductive Health and Gender Equity

02:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Men’s Reproductive Health and Gender Equity program. This hybrid program links to universities throughout Africa.

Men’s Reproductive Health Celebration

To be determined, but WVD wants to set up a day of unity between Zambia and Bolivia in solidarity with women’s rights. Vasectomies will be offered free of charge and we are anticipating joining a large march/rally in Bolivia and asking other partners around the world to join in. Details are still being worked out.

16 Days to Stop Violence Against Women

This is our official closing of the 2023 WVD celebration with a public event including a men’s health fair and musical and cultural presentations in a public space in both Zambia and Bolivia.

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