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WVD 2019 – Bogotá

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On November 8, the WVD team inaugurated our work in Bogotá with an activation at Profamilia’s national headquarters – the Pilot – where we are greeted by more than 200 people. As we arrive in our ‘van-sectomy’, the Profamilia team takes to the streets with flags, songs and dance to kick off what is the final chapter in months of work bringing awareness about vasectomy to tens of thousands of Colombia.


From November 11 to 17, our van brings awareness to inhabitants in different Bogota neighborhoods such as Quirigua, Kennedy and Tunjuelito, and in shopping centers such as Plaza 80, Ciudad Tunal and Paseo Real de Chía. 


WVD is anything but ‘reserved’ so In the City Shopping Center we organize a call with Dr. Michel Labrecque from Quebec, Canada, who share a real vasectomy, live and direct into one of the country’s most active malls.  For hundreds of men and women, it is a very unique way to get answers to important questions as we resolve doubts, fears and myths about the procedure. 


Our goal is to generate conversations with key sectors of society so we bring our ‘Virtual Vasectomy’ clinic to the workers from transport companies, to social organizations and even to a few surrounding towns.


The last stop for our Bogota van-sectomy tour is November 17th where we take part in a Male Sexual and Reproductive Health Fair that include pedagogical, educational and contraceptive activities at Bogotá’s “Parque de los Novios.” Over the course of the day, we engage in conversations with approximately 900 people who get to experience our very popular virtual vasectomy clinic, participate in free counseling sessions on sexual and reproductive health and enjoy activities such as Zumba classes, an acrobatic dog show, dances, musical groups and the good cheer of a beautiful day.


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