“10 Years…100,000
Acts of Love”

To celebrate the 10th
anniversary, we are organizing events throughout the
month of November, culminating in the 24 Hour
Global celebration on December 2nd.

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The Tenth Anniversary
We celebrate responsible men throughout the month of November and we make a closing on December 02 on Facebook Live


WVD Summit, Saturday November 12WVD 24-Hour Celebration, Thursday, December 01 & Friday, December 02

Rising up together out of love for self, each other, and our future!


Saturday, November 12th

The Summit is designed to provide information to vasectomy providers on timely and interesting issues. As well as an update from experts on the latest studies on Vasectomy, we will be presenting an intensive course on the basics of vasectomy for interested doctors and medical students.


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Missouri, November 3-5

Iowa, November 14-18 

110 vasectomies at NO COST for Responsible Men

WVD, SimpleVas Vasectomy Clinic and Planned Parenthood of Greater Saint Louis they’re celebrating Missouri and Iowa men willing to do their part in contraception by providing vasectomies, at no cost, during the month of November.

This joint effort should serve as a reminder to men that contraceptive matters belong to them also. We hope, will encourage men to participate as an act of love for their partners and their families.


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Seeking 10,000 Men

With the participation of over 300 providers from all 32 states, Mexico’s Ministry of Health has committed to do 10,000 vasectomies.
 November 14- 17th  International Conference on Family Planning in Thailand
With a half dozen WVD representatives, we travel to the ICFP to announce the launch of the WVD Directory and the WVD Academy. Also Dr, Currington and Alison Hoover solve doubts about The Testicle Festival

November 17th, Guanajuato Running Race 10,000 Men

A 2k and 5k race with 400 participants to educate the public and build demand

 November 30th, ABC Of Vasectomy!

Led by master trainer, Dr. Michel Labrecque we are producing a live stream event to teach medical students and urologists the basics of No Scalpel Vasectomy. The lecture will be presented to medical students in 5 African countries.


 Thursday – Friday, December 01 – 02 from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST)

Every year, starting at 5:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon (CST) and 10 a.m. Friday morning (NZST), morning in New Zealand, and continuing for 24 straight hours, the WVD team travels from time zone to time zone, and country to country. We co-host each hour with family planning organizations, doctors and reproductive health advocates. It’s an opportunity to bring our community together and acknowledge the extraordinary diversity of men and women who World Vasectomy Day possible.

You can watch the live stream from our Facebook page here