Vasectomy Promoter of the Year

2016 – Philippines, Frohnie Cagitan

Frohnie Cagitan from the largely Catholic country of Philippines, advocates for family planning through the promotion of vasectomy and has moved many in Cebu to a greater understanding of the benefits of taking control of family size, lifting children out of poverty, and creating opportunities that benefit everyone in the family and the community.  With tireless energy and commitment she advocates, sensitizes, and opens the doors for frank discussions about family planning that are difficult in these circumstances. We honor her for her dedication, perseverance, eternal cheer and enthusiasm. Thank you Frohnie!

2017 – Kenya, Nimrod Silla

Kenya is a country where we were told no men would accept vasectomy. Nevertheless, using Nimrod’s skills as a graphic designer for our posters, billboards and brochure, his gift as a youth organizer and theatrical producer, and his street smarts to engage people in true dialog about what it means to be a responsible man. We did 72 during the day, and many more after. The demand has remained higher in Kenya as a result, with reports from doctors there that they’re still seeing an increased demand in their practice. Our gratitude to Nimrod for all his creativity, energy, kindness, and commitment is expressed in this award, which he so richly deserves.

2019 – Mexico, Act. Yolanda Varela

Mexico’s vasectomy program provided by the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health serves as a model for the rest of the world. Led by Act. Yolanda Varela Chavez, their enthusiasm and support for World Vasectomy Day and their unrelenting commitment to innovation and creativity has transformed their program and led to unprecedented growth.

Excellence in promoting men’s participation in contraception makes them recipients of the 2019 WVD Award for Excellence in Institutional Promotion of Vasectomy.

2020- Dr. Esgar Guarin and Yiya Cuberos

WVD Award for innovation in promoting vasectomy for their emerging mobile