IOWA 2020

December 3-10, 2020


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    December 3 (Thursday)

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    December 4 (Friday)

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    December 5 (Saturday)

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    December 6 (Sunday)

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    December 7 (Monday)

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    December 8 (Tuesday)

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    December 9 (Wednesday)

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    December 10 (Thursday)

Vasectomies (without insurance during Road Trip)

World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is an organization co-founded by renown urologist Douglas Stein and accomplished filmmaker Jonathan Stack. Today, with 1,000+ participating providers doing upwards of 10,000 procedures in 40 plus countries, we are now the largest male focused family planning event in the world.

We encourage men to be kinder and more compassionate partners for their own health outcomes and that of their family members. We believe that a vasectomy is the best option for men whose family is complete, and our job is simply to assure that the right information reaches the right people.

Each year World Vasectomy Day highlights a single country to encourage greater awareness. Since initiating in Australia, we’ve been to Indonesia, Kenya, Haiti, Rwanda, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia.

We had always hoped to bring WVD home to America and this coming November 20th, despite COVID, our dream is coming tru


Why Iowa 2020?

Why a mobile vasectomy clinic?

When I participated in World Vasectomy Day – Mexico 2017, we had the opportunity to use mobile clinics that the Secretary of Health provided for us to perform vasectomies at the Monumento de la Revolucion. That was an eye opener for me, as it reaffirmed that vasectomies have such a mobility due to the lack of major infrastructure required. Ever since, I have been playing with replicating such model locally.

2020 was the year for me to be determined about my reproductive health efforts in Iowa. We then began the construction of America’s first ever Mobile Vasectomy Clinic.

I am excited to bring this innovative project to our state!!

Esgar Guarín, MD
Medical Director SimpleVas® Vasectomy Clinic

Esgar Guarín, MD FAAFP

Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians

Associate Member American College of OBGYNs

Dr. Guarín (pronounced goo-ah-reen) is a board certified physician trained in Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health. Originally trained in Colombia at the Universidad de Santander – UDES, graduating at the top of his class. After getting certfied as a foreign physician through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates – ECFMG, he completed his training in Family Medicine in Baltimore, MD in 2009, at the Franklin Square Hospital Medical Center.

After serving as Chief Resident. Dr. Guarín completed a 2-year fellowship training in Maternal and Child Health (Pregnancy and Newborn Care) with the Department of Family Medicine at Brown University and the School of Public Health, in Rhode Island.

Always interested in the provision of reproductive services, particularly those of minimally invasive nature, Dr. Guarín had the privilege of training in the non-scalpel / no-needle vasectomy technique with renown Dr. Doug Stein in 2012. Since then Dr. Guarín has been performing his SimpleVas® Vasectomy technique with similar outcomes to those of his mentor.

Dr. Guarín was awarded the prestigious Family Physician of the Year Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians in Iowa in 2017. He has been also nominated to the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the year National award for 2018.

Dr. Guarín is currently dedicated to the practice of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Care. As a Board certified Family Medicine specialist, Dr. Guarin has a special interest in the promotion of vasectomies as the most effective method of permanent sterilization.

When is the Road Trip?

On November 20th we will be launching the Mobile Vasectomy Clinic in Des Moines. Then from December 3-10th, World Vasectomy Day will be supporting an Iowa initiative to promote safe, affordable and effective vasectomies in the state driving around Iowa’s main cities.

With America’s first ever mobile vasectomy unit, we will be stopping in every major city offering vasectomies to the men and their families. World Vasectomy Day will be providing educational materials, offering virtual vasectomies via virtual reality and speaking with the media.

During 2017, 5,000 bilateral tubal ligations were recorded in the state of Iowa; whereas less than 1,300 vasectomies were completed during the same period. Our goal is to promote vasectomies as the ideal method of permanent contraception, and the safer alternative compared to female sterilization. We firmly believe that male participation is important in reproductive and sexual health matters. When a man chooses a vasectomy, he is an active participant instead of a passive recipient of reproductive services. A man who choses a vasectomy makes a very important decision for his partner, his family, himself, and the environment.

We will be traveling 6 major cities in Iowa, providing vasectomies at a reduced cost ($400 without insurance) and educating people on the benefits of vasectomies, compared with tubal ligations. At the same time we will be triggering discussions about male participation in family matters. We believe that men must understand their new masculinity, as that of being an active partner, a supportive parent, and positive role model.


December 3 (Thursday) – SIOUX CITY

December 4 (Friday) – COUNCIL BLUFFS

December 5 (Saturday) – AMES

December 6 (Sunday) – WATERLOO

December 7 (Monday) – DUBUQUE

December 8 (Tuesday) – DAVENPORT

December 9 (Wednesday) – CEDAR RAPIDS

December 10 (Thursday) – DES MOINES

America's First Mobile Vasectomy Clinic