Lessons Learned for Successful Vasectomy Campaigns

By September 25, 2019 No Comments

In every country, county and community, there is a contingency of men who are fully dedicated to the well-being of their families. These men are what we call aspirational.

When these men are informed that a vasectomy is a safe and affordable procedure, and it is conveniently available, they are much more likely to choose one, either now or in the future.

Be provocative – the goal is to generate conversations, not just provide to information or even to do vasectomies. Everything begins in dialogue.

Where possible, allow men to witness a real vasectomy. Nothing is more compelling or more convincing.

The best advocates are men who have had a successful experience with their own. These will be the champions best suited to educate others.

Finding the first 100 men in any given place is the biggest challenge. First ‘adopters’ often become the most compelling leaders and over time it gets easier as vasectomies become an acceptable norm.

Women must be included in any communication strategy. Yes, there are plenty of men making decisions on their own and ultimate choice to get or not get a vasectomy should be the man’s as it is his body being operated on, but a significant objective for WVD is to improve relations between genders. It all begins with better communication.

Deciding to get a vasectomy takes time. The ideas you share with a man in his early 20s might only bare fruit a decade or so later. That should not be an obstacle. We are in this for the long haul.

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