Eco-Sectomy and Climate Change

While population does not determine our destiny, it is so that every single major social challenge we face is more difficult to overcome with a growing population.  To maximize human potential, while leaving a legacy of hope for future generations, we don’t need another billion people, we need to take better care of the almost 8 billion people already living.


Over the past decade, we have observed a growing concern amongst young men, and young women, throughout the world.  Uncertain about bringing new life into an unsettled world – where climate change and political unrest erodes confidence in the future – more and more are choosing to get a vasectomy in their early 20s.


WVD is committed to being conscientious partners in protecting the ecosystems that make life possible.  We are also aware that there is a history of forced sterilization that has unfairly targeted the poor and communities of color.  We are 100% committed to informed consent and a human rights based approach to family planning.